chuckChuck Mannino

Owner/Talent Buyer

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, MI

Started at Mac’s: February 2006

Favorite Mac’s Memory: “Last Tuesday”

craigCraig Doepker


Hometown: Owosso, MI

Started at Mac’s: September 2009

Favorite Mac’s Memory: The THRILL KILL KULT show at Macs!

lucasLucas Nunn

Sound/Light Engineer

Hometown: Haslett, MI

Started at Mac’s: “Going on 4 Years!”

Favorite Mac’s Memory: When Mohawk Joe tried to stage dive onto like 3 guys and ended up landing on a table and flipping it over.

caraCara Redmond

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Started at Mac’s: 2006-2009, Now

Favorite Mac’s Memory: Melt Banana Halloween


chaseChase Frarey

Hometown: Okemos, MI

Started at Mac’s: 2013

Favorite Mac’s Memory: Papadosio